The Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society is an informal gathering of people of all ages, skill levels and callings, united by a love of the ukulele. It was founded in October 2007.

It is a musical social club where folks from all corners of life share their enjoyment of the humble ‘flea’. A mix of session nights, workshops and blackboard concerts makes for many musical Good Times. Drop in and say G’day!

AUAS meets at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel.

  • First Wednesday of the month is the Beginners Session and Jam. We play easy songs that everyone can join in.
  • Last Wednesday of the month is Open Mic night. Write your name on the blackboard, hit the stage and give us a song! Just listening is ok too 🙂 .
  • Other Wednesdays are workshop nights. People bring songs along and we teach them to each other.

Love to see you soon!

Gold coin donation in the front bar.

Our logo is used with permission of the artist, Austin Kleon, writer, cartoonist and web designer from Austin, Texas

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