Join our Google Group!


We have created a Google group for the Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society.

The purpose of the group is to simplify our email communications. It enables us to use a single email address ( to send an email to all members of the group. This is a simpler and more reliable method than wrangling with an unreliable list of 80 + (and growing) individual email addresses.

It is necessary to join the Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society Google Group if you wish to receive email communications sent to this group. If you do not wish to join it will be more difficult for us to communicate with you by email, but you can still check this website or contact other members to find out what’s happening. Joining the group is quick, easy and free. Once you have joined you can manage your own membership. Anyone can join or leave the group.

An invitation to join has been sent to all the email addresses we currently hold, and we have had a good response. Some people have not responded so far to the invitation. Please check your email inbox and click on the confirmation link in the email invitation (sent on 17 August 2009).

Some people did not receive the email. If you are in this category and want to join, please follow the instructions provided here.

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