Front bar session + other gigs


The Friday night session on 28 August starts at 8pm. It’s a lot of fun. If it’s your first time: it’s not a gig where you are on stage the whole time. Just join in for the pieces you really like, and socialise for the rest of the time – or am I giving away a personal preference here? Dress: colourful, eccentric. The very bold could try to out-Phil Phil if time permits, but we cannot guarantee you will get the attention he always garners.

Then on Tuesday 1 September, Richard Tonkin will hold a one hour-ish session that’s good for novices, beginners, or anyone who wants to ask Richard to show them particular ukulele techniques and chords etc.
This one is at 7pm, somewhere in the pub – ask the staff or someone else carrying a uke case.

Coming up: Semaphore Music Festival 2009 Friday – Monday 2-5 October
An AUAS workshop on Saturday: more on that soon.  And the AUAS gig on the Foreshore on Sunday at noon for 30 minutes: it was great fun last year.

Fleurieu Folk Festival 23-25 October at Willunga

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