Suggestions for end of year

  • Tuesday 24 November – think about some Christmas songs for Semaphore Street party
  • Friday 27 November – pretty normal white board number in front bar
  • Sunday 29 November – Semaphore Road – mix of things we know by heart and may be something festive (but not twee)
  • Tuesday 1 December – Richard Tonkin’s class – some of the easier Chrissie songs
  • Tuesday 8 December – the Chrissie song learning binge
  • Friday 11 December – SPECIAL Front bar gig – with much seasonal festivity including eggnog, carols and frivolity
  • Tuesday 22 December – oh, whatever

Here’s a clip of us at rehearsal on 27 October, thanks James!

Have a look at some great pix, taken by Ian Fisk, at the Fleurieu Folk Festival a few weeks back.

ukulele on couch / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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