Winter survival guide


1) wear bright shirts and play ukulele at every possible opportunity

2) make sure you see the first blossom of the season, signalling that spring WILL make an appearance

3) combine the two and join AUAS at Willunga Almond Blossom Festival on Sunday 25 July!

Yes, the good folk of Willunga seem to like us and have invited us back to perform at this year’s festival. It will be a 40 minute set in the afternoon – so make a day of it. If you’ve not yet performed in public, this will be a lovely gig. And it’s not so scary: ask Kate-with-the-Kala-tenor, who made her debut last Sunday and loved it, and was great! Please let Richard G know if you can (or even might) be part of it – – and he’ll keep you posted about songs and times and arrangements.

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