Diary for August, September and Long Weekend


Can you see the end of winter?  There are daffodils and jonquils everywhere and the sap is rising in those ukulele strings. I know it’s a while ’til we’ll be in t-shirts, but it’s only six weeks until daylight saving starts. Hey, that means it’s time for the Semaphore Music Festival, our favourite gig of the year! Come along and find out why – I’ll put up some pix on the website on the weekend. And i think there’s a gallery on the Festival site too.

Tuesday 24 August
Yes, another night  of all uke-ing, all singing, bright colours, some dancing, some kazoos and lots of surprises in the front bar. Frock bright.
And then we get to do it all again on…

Friday 27 August Front bar gig
Let’s bring the great energy and enthusiasm for Limelight to our Friday night front bar gig.  We’re going to try it with same set up as Limelight  (the mikes at the pool room end this time, instead of in the corner) and with more smaller groups performing. Of course there’ll still be some all-in numbers! Please come along. And do
bring family, bring friends, bring neighbours.

Tuesday 7
September Beginners night – also good if you are feeling rusty after winter.

Tuesday 14 September Usual session – we’ll polish some good things in the repertoire for Semaphore. Suggestions welcome!  Remember  $2 donation when we pass the hat.

Tuesday 21 September Strummin’ and pickin’ with Richard T. Learn new strums, new rhythms and how to play better.

Friday 25 September  Front bar gig
Show us the spring in your step and celebrate the end of winter!
ring family, bring friends, bring neighbours.

Tuesday 28 September Usual session, including practice for those playing at Semaphore Music Festival

Sunday 3 October  Semaphore Music Festival
Ye ha – it’s back.  We’re on the Foreshore Stage at 11am for about 40 mins.  And then popular demand (well, I like to think so), we’re running another ‘learn the uke’ workshop at the RSL from 2pm-3pm.

  • If you think you’d like to play let me know soon, and I’ll send you set list etc.
  • If you can help with the workshop, let me know.
  • And if you’ve spare uke you could lend for the workshop, that would be fantastic!

If you’ve any questions about it, or need a bit more encouragement to come along, please just call or see us on Tuesday.

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  1. Lindsay Dennis Says:

    As a new boy on the block ( beginner) want to congratulate all envolved in arranging “uke powered tram” a real hoot! Expected to be arrested by Hilton security at least. Many helped me with cords along the way too which was great.

    Also Kate, keep up the terrific work with the website and emails, it really helps

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