Richard T writes from The Gov…


A great set tonight, went down fantastically! It was great to see many of the newest members of the Society playing this show, and playing bloody well! The cameos from Pete and Noel, Casey’s leading of Brand New Key and the guest appearances of Snooks La Vie on Falsom and Kylena Vigus on Boots, accompanied by some spectacularly lusty backing vocals from we in the mob made a spread of vocal colours of a diversity AUAS has never had in a show! MORE OF THIS PLEASE!

Don’t forget we’re playing our monthly front bar gig in Friday January 28. Tell your friends, tell your enemies etc and think about what song YOU would like to sing. We’ve obviously hardly scratched the surface of the talent in our little four-stringed genepool.. there’s more than a couple of people hiding their lights under bushels 😉

A strumming session this Tuesday- I thought it might be fun for everyone to learn the bossa nova strum (?) Easypeasey! If you just want to come along and jam some songs with likemindedly disturbed folk you’re more than welcome. We’re leaving the AUAS songsheets on the bar on the workshop nights, and are hoping that ukers might take these opportunities to mix and noodle some music!

There are some frivolously bright omens in the sky for AUAS, this year and a certain kind of infectiousness spreading that can’t be cured by a visit to the doctor or the chemist! Let’s enjoy!

Mahalo from Ricardo.

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