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17 August 2011

Playing Up The Neck

Click the link for the notes from Richard G’s workshop on barre chords and inversions.

Diary for JULY and AUGUST

26 July 2011

All sessions at the Gov, at 7, unless otherwise noted

26 July We’re Bound for South Australia with Richard T, after which we become Children of the Revolution.

2 August Beginners and Novices with Richard T, and Drop In Night too.

6 August Saturday Uke Jam 2-5 – bring the kids and kids’ friends to this one, and let us know if you need a loan uke.

7 August 3pm MIGHT have a short gig in Woodville. Standby for email with details.

9 August Workshop night

16 August Strumming and Picking with Richard T
Drop In Night if your family wants you and your uke out of the house

23 August Workshop night

30 August Limelight
Chase away the end of winter with our open mike.
Only two rules: tune your uke before you get up, and while you can do more than one song on the night please only do one at a time.
Any volunteers to be the MC?

What’s on in June?

2 June 2011

All sessions below at the Gov at 7pm unless otherwise noted.

Saturday 4 Our first Saturday Uke Jam. 2-5 at the Gov. That’s THIS Saturday folks!

Tuesday 7 Beginners and Novices, and Drop in Night

Tuesday 14 Workshop night

Sunday 19 Garden gig at Adelaide Showground Farmers Market
1030-12 – more details to follow. Very nice gig – you get to shop as well!

Tuesday 21 Strumming and Picking, and Drop in Night

Saturday 25 Fete de la Musique in Rundle Mall – a quick but fab set in a great day of music.
More details to follow

Tuesday 28 Workshop night


Coming soon: details about Uke Camp in Tumby Bay and Port Lincoln Friday 22- Sunday 24 July. Our Port Lincoln comrades are putting this one and we are all invited.

Advance notice: 2 October is our big day at Semaphore Music Festival. How big? We start with breakfast, then do our gig on the foreshore, adjourn for lunch, then run a workshop. AUAS picks up the tab for the meals – it’s our thankyou day for everyone involved!

All suggestions of new songs and arrangements welcome – time to plan our new set lists for the spring and summer season!

Ukulele Crazy – New York Times

25 April 2011

Not long ago it was an endangered species. Now the ukulele permeates the culture to an extent that it hasn’t in more than half a century.

See the whole article here.

Fancy your own Roughneck Uke?

21 February 2011

wayne and uke

Uke-maker Wayne Shirlock very generously gave AUAS one of his special ukes late last year – that’s he and it above.  Wayne only makes 12 a year, using recycled timbers – maybe a cedar wardrobe, maybe a red gum sleeper – so we are very honoured to receive this fine Roughneck instrument.

At last, we’re offering it in a raffle. Tickets go on sale at the Jim D’Ville workshop on 22 February, and our Front Bar gig on 25 February, and the raffle will be drawn on 8 March.

Play ukulele by ear – the Jim D’Ville workshop

14 February 2011

Get the most out of your ukulele experience by learning to Play Ukulele By Ear. This entertaining and informative workshop will give you the tools you need to tap into your innate musical abilities. Playing by ear is easy, it’s fun and it will propel your understanding of how music works to a new level. This workshop will make you a better listener and student! All skill levels welcome, however, knowledge of basic chord shapes (C F G7) is helpful.

Comments from Jim D’Ville’s “How to Play Ukulele by Ear Workshop:

“A fabulous, logical and freeing way to approach music.”

“Now I will use my ears! Duh-why didn’t I think of that?”

“Great workshop! I didn’t think it was possible to teach by ear.”

“Your workshop has inspired me to move to the next level.”

“Lots of ‘Ah-ha’ moments!”
Tuesday 22 February 7pm
**Note unusual venue***
Estonian Hall
200 Jeffcott St
North Adelaide

February dates

30 January 2011

Did any of you take a break? the sounds of ukuleles have been filling the air all summer!

Here’s the start of our official calendar. For all sessions at the Gov, let’s all be tuned and ready to go at 7pm please!

1 Feb Beginners and novices, and Drop in Night at the Gov
8 Feb Workshop night at the Gov. We’ll go through the set list for our guest appearance at Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival on 27 Feb
13 Feb Grange Twilight Market – a quick 30 min set at the this new event. Contact me for details.
15 Feb Strumming and Picking, and Drop In Night at the Gov
22 Feb Special international guest Jim D’ville will run workshop at the Gov.
25 Feb Front Bar Gig
27 Feb Gig at Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival. 1-140pm – contact Richard Tonkin for particulars.

Wake up everybody!!

25 January 2011

Time for our first official get together for 2011 – the Front Bar gig at  The Gov, Friday 28 Jan from 8pm.

Rumour has it there’s been lots of folk at the January drop-in nights, and you’re all just itching to get under the lights, in front of the mikes and strum your stuff.

Bring lots of people, and lots of energy!
PS Facebook fans: thanks to Chris and Vicki our page is active again. Find this gig there.

Richard T writes from The Gov…

17 January 2011

A great set tonight, went down fantastically! It was great to see many of the newest members of the Society playing this show, and playing bloody well! The cameos from Pete and Noel, Casey’s leading of Brand New Key and the guest appearances of Snooks La Vie on Falsom and Kylena Vigus on Boots, accompanied by some spectacularly lusty backing vocals from we in the mob made a spread of vocal colours of a diversity AUAS has never had in a show! MORE OF THIS PLEASE!

Don’t forget we’re playing our monthly front bar gig in Friday January 28. Tell your friends, tell your enemies etc and think about what song YOU would like to sing. We’ve obviously hardly scratched the surface of the talent in our little four-stringed genepool.. there’s more than a couple of people hiding their lights under bushels 😉

A strumming session this Tuesday- I thought it might be fun for everyone to learn the bossa nova strum (?) Easypeasey! If you just want to come along and jam some songs with likemindedly disturbed folk you’re more than welcome. We’re leaving the AUAS songsheets on the bar on the workshop nights, and are hoping that ukers might take these opportunities to mix and noodle some music!

There are some frivolously bright omens in the sky for AUAS, this year and a certain kind of infectiousness spreading that can’t be cured by a visit to the doctor or the chemist! Let’s enjoy!

Mahalo from Ricardo.

for those slow days…

13 January 2011

yes, we all have those days when our fingers can’t quite find the right chords, and the strum just isn’t quite right. Doesn’t matter what the causes are, here’s the uke to remind us that slow and steady wins the race.